Compactness: The work to reach a whole blocks that are combined and interlocked and to bring these blocks under a single cover.
2/3’rd of the construction was designed in a compact way (a construction area of 200.000 sqm). This manner facilitates both building construction and make it more economic as well as allowing minimum touch to the land. After the construction of buildings, it reduces energy losses. Compact structures are handled as linear blocks on the eastern-western axis with long edges facing to north and south. This aims to establish relation with ground of structures on multiple plains and allows maximum use of solar energy.
Linear design formed by the modular division of the hole made the texture of the linear structure island.
Recreational Life Corridor: Houses in construction islands are connected to each other with the green life network where social and sportive activities are suggested.
Vertical Garden – Green Roof: The strong and remarkable gardens made in the vertical area and green roofs are accepted as principle in the design. Istanbul is industrialized for rears and it gets migration from rural areas. The adaptation process of the newcomers to the city is painful. The gardens created for houses are intended to facilitate adaptation of user to the city without quitting the habits of rural areas.
Why Vertical Garden?
1- It increases the feeling of union, facilitates the meeting of the residents and creates a social area.
2- It allows the users to produce some their products.
3- It allows production of organic and healthy product.
4- It provides additional income and support.
5- It facilitates the adaptation of migrating people to the city.
6- It supports the protection of rural habits.
7- It contributes to the air-conditioning of the building.
Green Roof: Following the rapid development of our cities, green areas are mainly replaced by concrete and asphalt. Air pollution has become the problem of several cities. The reduction of soil to absorb rain as a result of concretion caused further rising of waste water systems of cities. The solution is to regain the lost vegetation on the destructive structures, that is plantation of roofs.
Why Green Roof?
1- It reduces waste water amount
2- It creates less dusty environments
3- It supports heat and sound insulation
4- It provides longer life of water insulation
5- Structures with long life are obtained Compact buildings are designed with green roof with 15% inclination.
Plantation system called as sedum carpet was suggested. Top of single blocks was taken as green roof. These roofs are also used as garden and recreation area.


Architect in Charge: Gül Güven
Design Team: Muhammet Kaynar
Client: TOKİ
Physical Model: Atelier 78 – Eşref Madanlar
Graphics: Garage Design
Const. Area: 291.500 m²