When it was in the project stage, the land of the Mea houses in Alacaatlı, Ankara was not in a developed urban fabric. While the surrounding area of ​​the parcel located in the typical steppe of Ankara was still under construction, some housing construction sites were in progress. While the employer finds the solution of twenty-eight houses determined in a zoning plan in a point apartment block economical and practical; we have convinced a horizontal block on the thin long sloping terrain facing south.

In this way, we have designed buildings that have more relationship with the garden and feel the green of their parcel. Even with the green park area in the other parcel located in the linear direction, the green of the houses visually expanded and deepened. Located along the long side of the land in the north-south direction, the blocks are connected by bridges. The living spaces in the houses turn to the south and green. There is also a well-equipped social area in the green garden where the blocks are directed. Parking and service entrances are located on the backside of the blocks, leaving the green completely free from traffic.


Mea means “mine" .. meaning my home. We have designed a housing estate with individual differences in all apartments. The apartments on the ground floor use the garden actively, while others actively use the extensive landscape with the social center located in the garden and at the summit. A waterway that starts in the social center descends to the lower levels of the land and forms pools here and there.

At the entrance of the site, there is a sculpture made by exposed concrete and designed by Mete Demirbaş for Mea. The control unit located at the entrance of the site was also designed and built with exposed concrete.

The need to feel comfortable in their relationships with their neighbors, as well as in the homes of the Mea inhabitants, has not been overlooked. It is thought that people with similar views of life would enjoy sharing the same living space. Thus, the residents of Mea have been provided with a living space where they can share with their neighbors or enjoy their individuality freely.

Placed in simple wholeness away from the mess, this modern site represents a boutique concept where the urban people can live without breaking their ties with the city, but also have the opportunity to get rid of the chaos of the city.

Consisting of 4 blocks, the project consists of seven different types, totaling twenty-eight houses. The apartments take different names according to their use: the garden duplex, garden large, roof-use and wide flat are offered as different options. Plastered surfaces and clinkers are used as materials in facades. The roofs are standing seam metal.



Architect in Charge: Gül Güven
Design Team: Ceyda Gökmen
MAPS: 39.851727, 32.686986
Structural Engineer: Unal Gokcen Engineering
Mechanical Eng: Aykal Engineering
Elec. Eng: Özay Engineering
Landscape: VEN Architecture
Interior Design:VEN Architecture
Const. Area: 4.842m²
Site Area: 10.417 m²
Photography: Fikret Kaplan