Ankara - 2018

Arden Medikal, as a manufacturer of orthopedics and rehabilitation products, in Ankara is for production with the brand orthocare. In the facility located in an industrial site, landscape, reception area and management on the south side; on the north front, it has a solution in service and production areas. The basic units such as material production area, management area, social areas, service volumes, infrastructure and hardware areas, which constitute the industry, have been studied and the function flow chart is solved primarily. On the lower ground floor of the factory, there are metal and wood workshops and logistics service areas, while on the upper ground floor, knitting and sewing workshops and quality control areas are located. The administrative office is on the first floor. The possibility of being in the first stage, that is, the possibility of development and growth in advanced beds

Despite its cubic simple form, the structure stands out as a benchmark in the industrial plant surrounding it. In the design, the topography of the land at low elevation compared to the main road was interpreted as an advantage and not leveled at the front garden road elevation. As a result, the upper ground floor was connected to the road by a bridge, and the lower ground floor could be opened to the garden on the south side as well as on the north. A biological pond has been constructed in the wide landscape area in front of the social corridor and the refectory, but the construction has not been completed yet.

In the design process, it has been considered important to create peaceful and bright areas that will increase motivation for those working in the industrial facility. In the workshops illuminated by daylight, the windows that catch the view of distant mountains reach their maximum size.

The characteristic structure of the brick, an industrial product on the facade, is dominant. Expanded metal surfaces in bridges and terraces accompany brick. In the interior, ceilings and columns are left with gross concrete. Floors and stairs, in common halls, epoxi; In workshops, the surface is hardened lean concrete. In the high lobby, which is the first welcome area of ​​the factory, the brick on the facade was used as a motif element in the interior.


Architect in Charge: Gül Güven
Design Team: Ceren Demircan-Fatih Erduman- Gamze Guven-İrem Kılıç-İris Gül
Location: Kazan/ANKARA
Client: Arden Medikal
İnterior Design: Ven Architecture
Structural Engineer: Ozun Project
Mechanical Engineer: Unlu Engineering
Electrical Engineer: Yurdakul Engineering
Landscape: Promim Project
Soil Exploration: Eksen Drilling and Construction Engineering Consulting Co
Photograph: Gürkan Akay
Project Year: 2018
Construction Areaı: 6131 m²
Construction Type : Reinforced concrete

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    Gul Guven is on Camekan Magazine with her reportage