ANKARA - 2004

The natural topographical characteristic of the residential parcel in Çayyolu - a very steep slope - has directed the designer to the concept of terraced houses.

Terraced houses consist of fifteen independent apartments. Each residence has a terrace with city views and a separate green garden. Spatial solutions with rich living spaces which are graded according to the slope, and blend with the green have been achieved by the project. The private outdoor areas directly in the service of the apartments are very spacious and valuable. Apartment users can establish a relationship with green from each part of the house that is always intertwined with nature.

The stepping on the slope of the land directed towards the view of the city has enabled the ideal results to be reached in the cross-section. Each flat sits directly on the natural ground of the topography. Thus, both a side garden and terrace use is provided. While the residences open to Ankara on the horizon with large terraces, they also have side gardens in level with the natural ground. Open-air and closed area relationships provide generous solutions. A plan scheme has been designed to make maximum use of the view in each room of the apartments. The terraced planning allows daylight to penetrate deeply to the units. The terraces and green gardens, which allow homeowners to live in harmony with nature, have transformed units into almost independent houses on the site. Thus, both the services of a residential complex were utilized and the feeling of living in a detached house was provided.

There are panoramic elevators in vertical circulation. Staircase and elevator units are solved in a separate block and are connected to each unit independently by bridges.

The use of timber was preferred in terrace flooring and sun shading elements. The design and material selection of the structure was designed carefully to be compatible with nature. In addition to plastered surfaces, wood panels were used in the facade.

In the building, the roof of one unit serves as the terrace of the other. There are 300 square meters of spacious apartments as well as duplex apartments with a larger area at the top and bottom levels. Located in the middle of two terraced house blocks, the large landscaped area serves as a meeting, socializing and playground for users. The site has a semi-covered parking area on the upper road, where also the main entrance is located. In addition, a lower level entry is organized due to both practicality and fire regulations.


 Design Office:             VEN architecture

Architect in Charge:    Gül Güven

Assistant architect:     Ceyda Gökmen

Location:                     ANKARA – TURKEY

MAPS:                        39.883210, 32.702856

Client:                         Arte İnşaat

Structural Engineer:   Konkan Engineering

Mechanical Engineer: Ünal Gökçen Engineering

Electrical Engineer:     Kemal Aykac Engineering

Project Year:               2004

Construction:              2005-2006

Const. Area:               7446 m²

Site Area:                   8286

Const. Type:              Concrete

Project Type:             Residential

Photography:             Özgür Özdemircan