ANKARA - 2019

The Ankara Courthouse Building, where justice services carried out at different points in Ankara, will be gathered together; parks and squares are added to the city and added value to the capital, a horizontal architecture integrated with nature is aimed. The suggestion structure is designed in a green texture that surrounds it. The squares in the south and north were planned with rich landscape elements and transformed into urban spaces embracing the city. In this context, the location of the building to the land and the organization of entrances were met to meet the vehicle and pedestrian transportation axes, and the entrances of citizens, lawyers, personnel, judges and prosecutors were designed separately. The entrances in the south square welcome the users coming to the courthouse from the main transportation corridors of the city; the entrances in the north square provide access to the subway. The entries of juvenile courts and Directorate of Legal Support and Victim Services were separated and privatized. The entrance to the Attorney General's Office was separated from the daily traffic of the courthouse by taking a special position within the protected green area in the west. Enforcement directorate, Probation Directorate and Nursery entrances are organized on the east side of the land.
Time is one of the most important criteria in the design of courthouse buildings. All users, especially lawyers, should be able to move between units as soon as possible and effortlessly. In our proposal structure, necessary transportation facilities between different functions are designed according to this criterion. The blocks are connected to each other and connected vertically and horizontally. The vertical transport cores, which reach the judge, prosecutor parking lots, provide direct access to their offices within a restricted area chain. Citizens, judges, prosecutors and personnel car parks were separated and parking - building transportation of all three were solved in optimum accessibility standards. Our proposal structure is based on flexible spatial editing. The courts with the same characteristics and the courtrooms are organized vertically together. Moreover, in this fiction, semi-restricted and restricted areas are separated from each other and from citizen access. The work areas were provided from isolated, quiet spatial environments from general circulation. The passage of the judges to the courtrooms was planned with specialized bridges in the atrium formed within the restricted area. While the atrium draws the daylight from the top skylight into the interior spaces, it creates a spatial wealth within itself behind the courtrooms with its spacious environment.


Architect : Gül Güven
Design Team : Fatih Erduman, Ceren Demircan, Figen Zorlu, Gamze Güven
Location : Ankara – Türkiye
Client : Ministry of Justice
Structural Engineer : Minsa Construction co.
Mechanical Engineer : Unlu Engineering
Electrical Engineer : Proma Engineering
Landscape : StudioBems Landscape Architecture
Project Year : 2018-2019
Construction Area : 875.400 m²
Site Area : 236.000m²
Construction Type :Concrete
Project Type : Competition/ Courthouse