ANKARA - 2019

Located in Ankara, Incek district, the project area is located on the main axis connecting with the city center and Çayyolu and Incek districts. It is an area suitable for mixed-use with intensive housing and education areas in the vicinity. It is also suitable for a concept involving the integration of green and building as a whole.
The design is based on the idea of ??producing a space that can involve more people by incorporating the green spaces next to the site into the project. The boulevard and the green area as the most valuable facades of the project have determined the direction of the mass in the design decisions with the potential it offers. Commercial + office spaces designed within the program with setbacks and horizontal expansion reinforce the experience of each other.
The main staircase, which connects the ground floor with the upper floors and directs the pedestrian continuity in the vertical, aims to carry the public to the upper floors. On the ground and first floors, there are street shops with large façades, while the lower floors are used as service, storage, and parking. The residential units which are located above the commercial area and have an independent entrance maintain visual contact with the lower floors. The elevation difference in the front and rear facades provided the continuity of housing in the basement in the rear facade.
In the facade, semi-permeable, bronze tones, and gradient bricks were preferred to create its texture and rhythm. The facade design, which determines the architectural language of the building, is balanced with transparent shopfronts of the retail units.


Architect in Charge: Gul Guven
Design Team: Fatih Erduman - Irem Tumay - Ceren Demircan - Figen Zorlu
Location: Ankara
Client: Türk Yapi
Rendering: VEN Architecture
Project Year: 2019
Const. Area: 19.000 m²
Const. Type: Concrete
Project Type: Residential - Commercial