SAMSUN - 2020

Ladik square located in Bahşi neighborhood, on island 229, parcel 10. The land at the intersection of Gaziler Street and Nalcılar Street is adjacent to Terminal Street in the north. The land area is 2873.99 m². The project includes a car park on two basement floors and a cafe and library on the ground floor. The building area is 4716 m². The total parking capacity is 135 vehicles.

The project area is the focal point of the city, especially at the entrance to Ladik district from Samsun and Ankara directions. The plot is currently serving as a bus station. From now on, the area will meet the parking lot needs of the center and contribute to social and cultural life with its squares, cafes and library buildings.

Ladik was badly destroyed in the earthquake in 1943 and lost most of its historical buildings. In its design, the basic idea was to bring a new valuable work to the district. As a result, a carpet covered with natural stones is positioned in the center of the square.

Carpet gathers different parts of the square around it. There is a cafe structure on the long side of the carpet and a library structure on the short side. The construction of these structures is steel and wood. The use of wood in the interior and facades has also been emphasized.

The library is structured into three main sections: Ladik historical library, children's library and youth library. The three sections are passed through the information area at the main entrance. There are reference books about Ladik, a historical district, and the book collection in Ladik Municipality is here. Ladik historical library is designed to be more sheltered than other library sections, to contain more libraries and to provide access to the digital archive. Children's library is organized separately from the other two sections. A children's playground is arranged in the sheltered backyard of the library, which includes a playground, study areas and libraries. On the facade of the building that opens to the square, a youth library was designed. Digital archives and computerized and non-computer workspaces have been created for students to use.

The car park under the square is accessible from the east corner of the Terminal street. The location of the cafe and library buildings in the square and the green area around the ramp limited the connection between the entrance and exit of the parking lot and the square.

Green areas are arranged along Terminal Street and Nalcıoğlu Street and the perimeter of the square is limited. Ladik script, designed in approach from Gaziler Caddesi, stands out for souvenir photo shoots and welcomes visitors. Various sitting and working units designed in the square are placed in the section of the square where the carpet is located in a way that does not damage the broad perception. Elevators and stairs leading from the basement floors to the square floor are designed open, without creating a mass at the square level.



Architect in Charge : Gül Güven
Design Team : Delya Tavaşi, İrem Kılıç, Figen Zorlu
MAPS : 40.911299, 35.891900
Structural Engineer : İndis Engineering
Geotecnical Engineer : Geozem
Mechanical Engineer : HSN Group
ElectricalEngineer : Profesyonel Engineering
İnfrastructure : Arısu Engineering
Bill of Qunatity : Zafer Keskin Engineering
Construction Area : 4.716m²
Site Area : 2.873.99 m²