SAMSUN - 2020

The project is located in Samsun's Havza district. The building consists of 1 basement, ground floor and first floor. The "parking problem", which is one of the biggest problems in the existing land and its immediate surroundings, occupies the texture and causes visual pollution around the square. The project has been developed as a solution to this problem. The project area is also located adjacent to the district cemetery. In the requirement program of the building, it was requested that the gasilhouse, parking lot and minibus warehouse be resolved together in this parcel. The topogrophic state of the land helped the organization of the different functions desired. While the gasilhane directly related to the cemetery was unraveled on the upper elevation of the sloping land on the upper elevation of Lieutenant Colonel Mesut Kuru street, the entrance and exit from the martyr Reşit Çakır street was arranged to the parking lot at a lower level. Thus, these two separate functions continue to function within the field without touching each other. Behind the Gasilhane building, a storage area with a capacity of 10 minibuses and an open car park are organized. The parking lot structure includes conventional and mechanical parking solutions, 35 closed conventional, 302 mechanical and 16 open car parks, providing a total of 352 parking facilities. A reserve commercial unit was also established on the martyr Raşit Çakır Street, where the entrances of the mechanical and conventional parking lots are located. In building design; Accessibility, sustainability, contribution to building economy and urban aesthetics have become an important criterion. A shell of perforated-expanded metal sheets is designed on the facade. With its pebble gray color made of metal plates, the building integrates with the topography. Yellow, an inviting and energetic color, is used in this gray surface, in parking lot entrances and door frames. On the first floor level where the minibus depot is located, perforated plates were raised and a plant wall was proposed. Thus, the disturbance of the buildings facing the vehicle's headlight lights is prevented.


Architect in Charge : Gül Güven
Design Team : İrem Kılıç, Delya Tavaşi
MAPS :  40°58'25.16,   35°40'27.94
Structural Engineer :   Portal Proje
Geotecnical Engineer : Geozem
Mechanical Engineer : Melis Engineering
ElectricalEngineer : Melis Engineering
İnfrastructure : Arısu Engineering
Bill of Qunatity : Zafer Keskin Engineering
Construction Area : 5018,31 m²
Site Area : 3135,94 m²