“All ideas supporting that structures can change urban culture should be affirmed”….
The thin and long land opens to Eskişehir-Ankara Highway from its narrower side and contains a group of structures serving to three different uses.
The relation of the land with the Eskişehir Ankara High Road and linearity of the land are important criteria for design. The trees of along the long borders are very impressive and they determine the borders of the land.
It is an important decision how to structure the order and flow in the land. In the first approach, “Service Building – Fair Exhibition and Congress Centre – Social Facilities” line was suggested from the Eskişehir high road towards in the north direction. In the further stages of design, the use advantages of the union of the Chamber of Commerce Service Building and Social Facilities changed the order.
The order was changed as “Service Building – Social Facilities – Fair Exhibition and Congress Centre”.
The advantages of this change are:
- Maximizing the size of the open (green) area that serves to social field. The green valley arranged in the eastern axis of buildings serve to both sporting activities and other social open area uses. Fields are located behind the fair building. Thus, the visual heights created by the protective nets they are surrounded with are hidden from the view angles of the structures.
- Trees grown in the land for long years are protected. It is considered that only those in the play fields will be moved to proper areas.
- Design allows 2 stages performance of construction of the Fair, Exhibition and Congress and combination when necessary. Construction of the structure in the end of the field in a second stage doesn’t create a deficiency for the existence of the facility during or before its construction.
- Open car park areas were suggested in three different regions, a large open car park plot was dedicated to Fair, Exhibition and Congress Centre.
- Service Building and Social Facility are linked to each other with transparent passages from the ground and 1st floor. Congress Hall and Multipurpose Hall Lounge in the Social Facility provides flexibility to direct use from the Chamber of Commerce.
- Technical volumes of the structures of the Service Building, Social Facility, Fair, Exhibition and Congress Centre have been established separately, thus they would contribute to the business and construction economy for future.
- The Fair, Exhibition and Congress Centre has a steel bearing system and includes wide openings. Field definitions and sizes determined with the Necessity Program were observed.


Architect in Charge: Gül Güven
Design Team: Ceyda Gökmen - Özdihan Gökçe
Client: Eskişehir Chamber of Commerce
Graphics: Garaj Design
Const. Area: 31.500 m²