When located on a main avenue that connects the city center radial Kayseri Court of Justice has been allocated land from the military. The former Dikimevi land, social facilities across the municipality,and there is the right of State Supply Office tanks, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine is located on the left side.
The plot is based on the wide side of the boulevard, large courtyard opens with intensive use this street. The structure consist of 4 floor and subsoil. Common construction is preferred for use practicality and employer requirements. So, because of the high density structure using 'easy availability' and 'easy perceptibility' is at the forefront. Blog grand circular entrance court places a hand on the other hand is stuck prosecution blog. Thus, both sides of the entrance defines the courtyard with opened arms.
The linear connected to the circulation of four separate court hall block that is located in the north-south axis. Thus,office non-preferred east-west orientation is prohibited in places and courtroom. The blocks are arranged in the inner garden, judges, pen rooms, courtrooms benefited from light and natural ventilation opening to the inner garden. At the same time it places the bustle of the main boulevard with such a bill at the heart of the structure,that it is moved away from the crowds of the entrance courtyard. Again,the room dominated transport in these areas is provided through a separate corridor that passes from the waiting hall. Extensive of use the open waiting halls of the population is large and natural lighting is available when the main stairs and elevators provide the vertical circulation which is located at the beginning of each trial block that is still natural light and air by opening the inner garden.
The prosecution has been shaped block facing the right of the main entrance and boulevard areas. Each floor has provided connection with court blocks were obtained with a spacious gallery space. President of the Commission of Justice and Attorney General of the Republic still has the specialized authorities entrance hall separated from the general circulation areas take place in this block. The prosecutor's office and entrance hall on the ground floor of the block of the bank, post office, police station, positioned units, such as criminal records and court guards, easily accessible and can be controlled planning to go to the local 24-hour service if needed.
Common areas (cafeteria, cafeteria-like) structure of the boulevard facade is located in and the court block linear circulation is provided ease of access to these areas installed in the hall prosecution is the ground floor of the block is fitted with a 250-person conference room, access to a spacious foyer is provided.
Quantitative information about the buildings;
* Kayseri Courthouse plot of 30,000 m². The total construction area of the proposed project is 49,000 sqm.
* Building is on the court with 69 courts are located on duty.
* The building consist of 85 outdoor and 270 indoor parking spaces. Outdoor parking capacity can be increased.
* Building includes10-person elevator number of 6,and for 8 to10 people elevator includes number of 4.Also there is a judges lift for 2 elevators and total of 16 lifts, including the prosecution. A separate service elevator serving kitchen is also arranged.


Architect in Charge: Gül Güven
Design Team: Ceyda Gökmen - Nihat Beyoğlu
MAPS: 39.865706,32.685259
Client: Republic of Tukey, Ministry of Justice
Structural Engineer: Kınacı Engineering
Mechanical Eng: Aykal Engineering
Elec. Eng: Oktay Engineering
Landscape: Eylül Landscape
Const. Area: 57.130 m²
Site Area: 30.470 m²
Photography: Cemal Emden
Awards: Kayseri Law Court National Competition - 1st Prize