Although mentioned in scientific resources together with the Zelve ruins, its special formations require that Paşabağı should have new landscape project where entrance and exit are controlled, including required reception centre and re-structured walkways to achieve a modern ruins. It is suggested to cancel the Avanos-Zelve road which crosses the project area so that the transportation will be provided from the road in the north of the field as planned before. This way, it is planned to integrate the trip route with heavy number of formations and the visitor reception building. This way, an open car park with a capacity of 16 coaches and 26 cars is planned with connection to this road. Project involves a periphery security fence starting from the tourist reception square which restricts and secures the area including the road around it and not breaking the visual communication with the project field. When determining the trip route, proposals of Nevşehir Museum Directorate were taken into consideration and care was paid to leave sufficient security distance to formations. In addition, an obligatory route was suggested without giving an alternative of short tour – long tour. It is planned to keep visitors away from areas with risk of falling rocks. The tour route will be made by demountable traverses and filling and stone material in the region to be used between traverses. There will be seating groups and wooden arbours again made of traverses in certain distances. It is planned to direct the building towards formations and position terrace uses against view. The structure is designed completely as steel construction and be mounted on steel feet on natural land. It is planned the tour coaches arriving in the site will drop visitors in the visitor reception square and guide from here to sine vision and exhibition place. After receiving information, visitors will pass through the counter and turnstiles to receive a comprehensive introduction of the region in the information square that is located in the beginning of the tour route and arranged in an amphitheatre shape. The obligatory tour route is terminated in the beginning point where visitors can access to handcraft selling points, vet volumes, cafeteria and terrace areas. Visitors who come by coaches and waiting for the departure time can get on the coaches in the waiting and gathering area to leave the visitor centre. A large area is defined in the project as grapevine planting area to revive the vineyards after which the region is named.


Architect in Charge: Gül Güven
Design Team: Recep Aygın - Fatih Erduman - İrem Erkan
Location: NEVŞEHİR / KAPADOKYA (Cappadocia)– TURKIYE
MAPS: 38.678977, 34.854310
Client: T.R. Ministry of Culture and Tourism
Structural Engineer: Konkan Engineering – Yüksel KONKAN
Mechanical Eng: Bayhan Engineering – Gökçen Bayhan
Elec. Eng: Vin Project – Güven Özyer
Landscape: Promim Project – Selami Demiralp
Art History Reporter: Dr. NİLÜFER PEKER ( Art Historian)
Geology Report: ESRA ÜNAL
Rendering: VEN Architecture
Const. Area: 660m² closed / 1950m² open
Site Area: 160.000 m²